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Daon must choose between his devotion and duty or his heart's desire for freedom. For the Celestial Lord demands absolute loyalty.

Daon is a Bronze Man, sold into and trained from a young age to become the ultimate warrior. He would fight, kill, and die for The Celestial Lord. But Daon harbors a secret longing; one if discovered would lead to his death or a fate even worse.

A chance encounter between a stranger and his friend Naya gives Daon the opportunity he never dared hope for, a chance to fight for what he truly wants. In doing so he finds himself swept up in a conspiracy to oppose The Celestial Lord, a true god with ultimate magical power.

Part action adventure, part epic quest with a dash of a heist along the way, this stand-alone fantasy story blends it all together.

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SKU: 0010
  • This is a 6 x 9 paperback version of the book, signed by the author.


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