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Hunted, but no longer alone, will Dauntless solve the mysteries of the alien threat in time to save the galaxy?

The crew of Dauntless continue to explore the mysteries of the new alien race while dodging their determined pursuit of Herra across the cosmos. Why they want her remains unclear.

Lawson, the captain of Europa, bristles against his orders to stay out of the fight and not to return home to Earth for a debriefing, but to take his battered ship to a backward, unimportant colony.

Herra finally reunites Kohora with his people when he boards the Ishalan starship Waveskipper. Once onboard, he finds more resistance than expected against his pleas to join forces with the humans.

All continue to face the overwhelm odds of fighting back against the technologically advanced aliens, while another unexpected threat looms in the dark reaches of space.
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SKU: 0006
  • This is a 6 x 9 paperback version of the book, signed by the author.


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